About Us


Meet Natalie

She's the French chain-smoking coquette, aesthete and self-proclaimed muse of Chanel who lives in a slightly off-kilter Los Angeles. Natalie's sole purpose in life, the holy grail of her existence, the carrot at the end of her unfiltered cigarette, is to grace others with her beauty, sophistication and impeccable taste. She's also in the market for a man and she will flambé any skinny L.A. girl who interferes with her conquests. (not that she's desperate).

Meet the creator


Carolle-Shelley Abrams, artist and animation filmmaker. Originally from Manchester, England. Now lives in Los Angeles. One sunny day, soon after Carolle-Shelley arrived in Los Angeles, looking for renewed artistic inspiration, she found herself in the couture section of Neiman Marcus. Convinced that a little black dress would bring her the clarity she required. deciding on  whether to buy the dress  for an amount  larger than the GDP of certain third world countries, her own world was rocked by an animated vision. NATALIE! she emerged from a rack of Chanel and ordered Carolle-Shelley to give her life. Donne-moi la vie!!!!!!

What's happening now

Natalie introduced Carolle-Shelley to many of her eclectic friends who became the inspiration of all her animations. Currently she is working on an animated series about Natalie's dentist to the stars HARVEY GOLDFARB D.D.S. He heals by day and kills by night! So much excitement, dental violence and rip-roaring laughter. It will obliterate the competition!

Carolle-Shelley is also working on a new body of artwork. Paintings inspired by her favorite muse. You can check them out here.

Stay for apéritifs and crudités

So come back often, stay for apéritifs and crudités, Also, check out my instagram page for more images and make sure to drop Natalie a note telling her how beautifool she is!