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Carolle-Shelley Abrams

About, Woman

Acouple of years ago, Carolle-Shelley Abrams shook up the art world with her revolutionary paintings and sculptures. Then she yawned, bored with the politics and pretense of the scene and embarked on a Zen-like quest for renewed artistic fulfillment.

First, she went on a month-long fast. Okay, she didn’t really fast
- she skipped lunch. Fine, she didn’t skip lunch, but I assure you, there was no dessert. Then she ended up in the couture section of Neiman Marcus, convinced that a cute little dress, in black, would bring her the clarity she required. As she whipped out her gold card to pay a bill larger than the GNP of certain third world countries, her own world was rocked by an animated vision.

Natalie -French coquette, chain-smoker and self-proclaimed inspiration of all things beautiful and elegant - emerged from a rack of Chanel and ordered Carolle-Shelley to give her life. Since then, Carolle-Shelley has found complete fulfillment creating animated shorts featuring Natalie, all her friends and their many adventures.